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About Us

Established in 2023, Project Let it Shine is founded by Stephanie Thorman who also owns Moms Day Off, an event business that hosts large scale events for moms across the nation.  With each event, Stephanie always incorporates an act of service and/or element of giving back.  With in doing so, she discovered a strong desire for the moms to include their children in the process of serving.  Project Let it Shine provides monthly tangible service for mothers (fathers/guardians) and children to serve together in their community.  

Volunteers Serving Food

Service Together.

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Project Let it Shine partners with local organizations and charities


Who we serve

We are committed to creating volunteer events that are both meaningful and impactful.  We partner with a wide variety of organizations that include matters of children in need,  foster care, homelessness, childhood cancer, renewable farming, animal care, local beautification, mothers in crisis, and more!



Project Let it Shine empowers youth and their parents to serve locally in their communities.  These service opportunities are exceptional ways to teach children empathy, compassion, and the importance of giving back.

You can either drop in for a day of service or become a Project Let it Shine Member. 

Click the link below to view our upcoming opportunities.  

Dog Shelter

Who Can Serve

At Project Let it Shine everyone is welcome to serve.  The minimum age requirement may vary based on project so be sure to check each opportunity as they come.  Each child under the age of 17, however must be accompanied by an adult.

Become a Member

includes monthly newsletters and the ability to drop in to any service opportunity without additional payment.  

Drop In

Don't want to become a member, but see an opportunity would like to volunteer along side us with? Just pay the $20 drop in fee and join us!

Women Volunteers
Volunteers Cleaning Park
Asian family volunteering for collecting garbage in the beach

Teaching our youth the importance of service.

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Creating a future of leaders

Project Let it Shine focuses on teaching families about various local non profit organizations and the services they provide.   Participating in tangible service is a great way to help our local community, give back to those in need, and cultivate leadership skills in our next generation.

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